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E-mail marketing – Game rules June 11, 2018

E-mail marketing – Game rules

E-mail marketing as a supreme discipline

Although e-mail marketing is considered to be permission marketing and therefore has the highest success rate of all digital advertising tools, caution is advised. There is plenty of potential for errors in the implementation, which may for example force up the unsubscribe rate and as a result make the valuable e-mail addresses worthless. However there are other risks that come about from handling e-mail advertising improperly: The recipients may be upset to the point that the sender’s image suffers, not just in the digital world but even in the company’s analogue existence as a result – this has an immediate and concrete impact on the individual decision to purchase.

The following are the five most important points for successful e-mail marketing. We recommend observing these guidelines as a minimum to have as much success as possible in your e-mail campaigns:

For the maximum chance of success, the sender must define a relevant message that is personally expected:
  1. Define (lead generation, reactivation, sale, public relations, customer information…) and evaluate goal
  2. Subject line is KEY
  3. Define regularity
  4. Determine layout (always the same)
  5. Choose ideal dispatch time

With a strategic use of e-mail as advertising media like this, nothing is left standing in the way of your success. Ideally an e-mail marketing concept is created to fine-tune the resources used – choosing the application options, shapes, and formats as well as observing the legal principles.

Author: Bianca Buob, HAHN media group ag, Glattbrugg 2.4.2018

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