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Digital Marketing – A book with 7 seals? April 9, 2018

Digital Marketing – A book with 7 seals?

Not with us – we shine a light in the darkness! Let’s start with the various disciplines:

What actually is Digital Marketing, otherwise known as Online Marketing? Digital Marketing is computerised marketing and/or computerised marketing activities. So that is anything that is not analogue – no print adverts in newspapers or on billboards, no TV ads, no radio ads or lettering on buildings.

Contrary to widespread opinion, the disciplines in Digital Marketing are not Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Instead we can divide the disciplines into 5 overarching main topics:
– Website
– Affiliate marketing
– E-mail marketing
– Social media
– Online advertising

To choose the right online option from this collection of over 1000, a prior analysis and matching strategy will help you. This means you can be sure that you are using your resources in the right place, at the right time and in the right format – and still reach the target group you have personally defined with precise monitoring or success review!

By Bianca Buob, HAHN media group ag, Glattbrugg

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